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    Default New Flat-back German

    Hello everyone,

    Feeling nostalgic today for the old pre-social-media days. Here is a new Flat-back German model just completed. Hope the attachments come through alright. I have also posted this at my website, where I have rebirthed the "What's New" section on the home page. Have a great day!

    Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	20181207_0846.jpg 
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    Default Re: New Flat-back German

    Wow, that is a beaut. That back is almost three-dimensional, and such a perfect color.

    Are the rosette and the headstock design both chip carved?

    Thank you for sharing this delight.

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    Default Re: New Flat-back German

    Really like this one. Great photography too
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    Default Re: New Flat-back German

    Nice job - and it has enough frets, too!

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    Default Re: New Flat-back German

    Is that a MAPLE (Acer) bridge?

    You may remember my visit as the guy who made a 'travel violin'.

    All the best from Minneapolis.

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    Default Re: New Flat-back German

    Yeah, so this is in fact a variation of chip carving, but scroll sawing comes first. It's a multi-step process, but the carving gets it catching that light like I like it. The bridge is a composite of bone and afzelia burl. The bone runs like an I-beam, with a shelf cutout for the bone saddle. Cheers!

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    Default Re: New Flat-back German

    Very beautiful. The headstock and rosette details are exquisite.

    Out of interest, do you find any difference in sound between your bowl and flat-back Germans?

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    Default Re: New Flat-back German

    Beautiful, Brian.

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