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Thread: Mandolin and Cello

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    Default Mandolin and Cello

    So, my wife plays cello, and we are looking for music written for this combination!

    So far we've found a couple of things, plus making our own arrangements.

    Anyone have any suggestions for this combination? specifically if the cello is more than an accompaniment.

    We have found many Mandolin with Basso Continue which is labeled "cello". We are looking for more of a true "duet".

    (anyone mentioning Chris Thile and Edgar Meyer will be summarily shot)


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    Don't just look for music written for that combination. That is the perfect combination to read early piano music. Choose music that has just a melody in the right hand and single notes in the left. Most of the pieces in Bach's "Anna Magdelena Bach Collection" would work. I play Clementi "Sonatine"s that way.

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    Default Re: Mandolin and Cello

    We are already working on some Klesmer and orchestral arrangements.

    we are looking specifically for this combination.

    Our next arrangement will be of Shostakovich's Jazz Walts No.2

    Great fun because I'll be writing my own Mando part!



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    Default Re: Mandolin and Cello

    Try looking for music for violin and cello.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nevin View Post
    Try looking for music for violin and cello.
    We've done that as well. Unfortunately not enough of it is cello oriented (fine if you are a violin player though) :-)
    I'm hoping to find something more "modern" where the cello gets to be something more that bass accompaniment.


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