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Thread: Record/Tally of downloads?

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    Question Record/Tally of downloads?

    I was surprised at the response to my quest for Solo Mandocello music, and I cannot thank the Cafe people enough--could not have done this without you!
    BUT... I see well over 400 views of the post, which included several pdf's of the actual sheet music contributed for free access by the composers. I have no way of knowing whether those people just looked (disappointing ), or if the actually downloaded (YAY!) the music. I was hoping to get a network of interested MCello players, who get little notice compared to mandolin, octaves, and buzoukis. But the only actual replies were from a couple of the contributors. Is there a way to see if anyone in fact downloaded the music, other than ask 439 (and counting) people to reply?

    NOTE: answered here.
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