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    I have a mandolin made for me by Dave Freshwater in Scotland. I now don't play it enough and it needs to go to someone who will use it.
    This is probably the last mandolin that he ever made. It's dated 21st January 2011 (21.01.11) just before before he went out of business. It was made to my specifications and has an electric pickup. Anyone any idea of how much I should be asking for it and should it be offered just here in the UK or worldwide?Click image for larger version. 

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    Since it was made for you, you know what you paid for it. I would start with 70 percent of that figure as a fair market value and see what happens. That is assuming excellent condition, no issues.

    To my eye yours looks similar to a Weber Aspen or Big Muddy. Aspen is no longer made, usually sells used in the 700 USD range. Big Muddy, still made, often sells used for 400-500 USD. I would stick with the UK if I were you. Sending it internationally would be a problem if it contains any rosewood and you don’t have paperwork. Even if it doesn’t, shipping will be more expensive and risk for shipping damage will be higher.

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