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Thread: Radim Zenkl?

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    If memory serves me, Radim Zenkl lives in Paradise, California, the town utterly devastated by the Northern California "Camp" fire in the past couple of days. Does anyone know if he's all right?

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    According to his website he is in the Midwest/Southwest touring and then headed to Europe for December.
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    Carol McComb (she's a San Francisco Bay Area musician and teacher) posted this on Facebook:
    I was worried about Radim Zenkl because I know his home is in Paradise, so I emailed him. He's in Texas on the road, and is fine. His house is gone. I don't know if he had any of his instruments there or not. Radim says "Unbelievable situation but true. Lots of work ahead, one step at a time". Sending this in case any of you were also worried about him.

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