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    Default Permutation exercises

    In other lives, I am a percussionist and mathematician.

    Many percussion exercises are based on permutations.

    so, here is something I came up with based on the 1 finger 2 frets rule.

    For the first two fingers, the closest spacing is a minor second, one fret next to the other. The widest spacing is a minor 3rd/augmented 2nd (covers 4 frets).

    the permutations would look something like this (numbers = fingers, placement =frets)


    I combined this with some string crossing ideas to produce this PDF.

    I started on the 7th fret to have close spacing. Ideally you would work you way back down to the 1st fret to expand the physical spacing of the frets.

    This is a physical exercise only (though some interesting melodies/arpeggios do come out of this.

    Any comments/corrections appreciated. I am not used to working in Tab format.


    Click image for larger version. 

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    Mike Marshall has stuff like this in his finger busters. Always fun when you get to those hard fingers, the ring and pinky. I need to start doing them again, as it will certainly help me to stretch more, which will help me with me longer scale OM.
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