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Thread: Pete Seeger Ripping on Mandolin

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    Default Re: Pete Seeger Ripping on Mandolin

    Thanks for that! Being in the 60 something bracket I can't imagine to have not been touched by Pete Seeger. What I found interesting is even the poorest of audio/video recording could not disguise the beautiful tone of that mandolin.

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    Default Re: Pete Seeger Ripping on Mandolin

    Quote Originally Posted by fernmando View Post
    This brings fond memories of the Jack Tottle book.
    Me, freshman in college, pawnshop Suzuki tater bug in one hand, Jack Tottle's "Bluegrass Mandolin" in the other, now let's learn how to play this sucker! I can't play Catnip or Black Diamond, but I can play Woody's Rag!
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    and of course,
    the 1970 Suzuki-Violin-Sha Bowl Back Taterbug

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    Default Re: Pete Seeger Ripping on Mandolin

    Well, I'm grateful for this thread, not only for exposing me to Pete as a mandolin player, but for identifying this tune which, for all these years, I'd only known as "instrumental" on one of my favorite tapes of Dawg & Jerry. It was the only time they played this one.
    Begins at 7:12

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    Default Re: Pete Seeger Ripping on Mandolin

    Great video Paul. I wish Jerry had played acoustically though. I didn't dig his guitar tone at all.
    Jim Yates

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