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Thread: Registration for 2019 Centrum Choro Workshop Open Now!

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    Default Registration for 2019 Centrum Choro Workshop Open Now!

    Centrum has just opened the 60+ slots for next April's 10th Annual Choro workshop. Returning back are: Dudu Maia -Bandolim, Jovino Santos Neto - piano, Douglas Lora on 7 string guitar, his brother Alexandre Lora on pandeiro, Daniela Spielmann on saxophone/flute, and for the first time, the extraordinary Brazilian clarinetist Alexandre Ribeiro will join the all star instructor's group.

    If you have ever wanted to immerse yourself in 4 nights and 5 days of nothing but ensemble choro playing, this is the place to do it. Created to specifically imitate hanging out in Rio playing choro with some great players.

    I've been fortunate to have been at all 9 of the previous workshops and am thrilled that we again have the opportunity to bring in some great players, including Alexandre Ribeiro.

    So bring your bandolim, your mandolin, your guitar players, your percussionists, your piano, flute and sax players. It's really worth it. My friends at Centrum strive to put on a workshop that you will really enjoy. It gets better every year.

    Here's the link to the Flicker posts of photos from previous years.

    “I found the entire workshop a highlight. A very amazing, wonderful group of people.
    Within 15 minutes of settling into our room we were playing tunes in the living room with our new house mates.” – Feedback from Workshop Participant

    Register here:

    Al Bergstein - Port Townsend
    No commercial interest in the workshop, just want to help everyone enjoy this wonderful music for mandolin and friends.

    Here's a taste from 2015.

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    Al in PT

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    Default Re: Registration for 2019 Centrum Choro Workshop Open Now!

    I registered as soon as possible, my first time going to Centrum. Really looking forward to it! Any suggestions about what to expect, how to prepare to get the most out of the experience, or anything else?
    I have, as a long term goal, to establish a roda de choro in my town (Indianapolis) next year, so I hope to gain some insight and inspiration during this week.

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