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Thread: do you remember ?.

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    Default do you remember ?.

    do you remember what was the price of an Eastman md-305 mandolin from a year or two ago.

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    Default Re: do you remember ?.

    For things like this, the Internet can be your friend -- if you know how to use it! Did you know that most web pages are archived by The Wayback Machine? (see You can simply look up how these were two years ago. This is much better than relying on someone's memory!!!

    For example: On Nov. 2 of 2016, almost exactly two years ago, The Mandolin Store was selling its Eastman MD-305 A-style mandolin for $479.00 (down from a nominal price of $600).

    I just checked, and the price today from TMS is exactly the same: $479.00

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