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Thread: Some arrangement for mandolin

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    Question Some arrangement for mandolin

    Hi there,

    I've been working quite a bit on a project lately and I'd be really grateful to have your opinion about it.

    At first, I wanted to make live videos but a friend who helped me in that process suggested to record first and then make a montage from different shots. So here it is...

    Feel free to comment. Thanks in advance.

    A third song is in this playlist and there should be more in the weeks to come.

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    Default Re: Some arrangement for mandolin

    I tried to embedded the videos but I couldn't make it work...

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    Default Re: Some arrangement for mandolin

    Fabian, very creative arrangements there. Great voice, wonderful tone and fine playing. I like hearing fresh versions of these tunes, which were made sort of iconic to my ears years ago with the harmonies of CSN and Simon & Garfunkel. You've gone in a different direction that sounds to me a bit like "alternative pop", or whatever you might call Dave Matthews' style of airy, understated jazzy comps and smoky lyrics.

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    To embed a video, you've got to klick on the third icon (seen from the right) in the second row.(Insert Video)
    Apart from what Mark already mentioned, your mandolin sounds wonderful.
    May I ask, what brand and model it is? A flat-top, isn't it?

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    Thank you Marc, thank you crisscross, for your feedback and appreciation. That means a lot!

    This mandolin was built by a Canadian luthier, Peggy White.

    I tried the "insert video" button, but nothing appeared... :-/

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    Default Re: Some arrangement for mandolin


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