Michel de la Barre (1675-1745): Suite No. 1 For Two Flutes in G Major
8. Musette

This is a French Baroque musette, originally for two transverse flutes. De la Barre was court flautist for Louis XIV and the first person to publish solo flute music.

The flute original (and various adaptations) are at IMSLP:


My recording as a duet for tenor guitar and mandocello is transposed down an octave, with a bass line from an adaptation for two cellos by Wilfried Wachter:


For my own purposes, I have changed the melody part to octave treble clef, which is easer to read (for me) than tenor clef. Although scored for cello, it's more comfortable played on tenor guitar (in GDAE) or OM.

Vintage Viaten tenor guitar
Suzuki MC-815 mandocello