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Thread: Gibson A5G info please.

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    Freddyfingers wrote:
    "According to the guitar dater website, 80331029 was made in Nashville on feb 2 1981 label says that number and Gibson master model a5g. That is contrary to the Gruhn quote that none were made then, or am I reading that wrong"

    March 31, 1998, 2nd one off the line that day.

    You haven't told us how much the seller is asking?
    Or... what is the value of stuff you are willing to trade for?

    Depending on the shape of it (looks to have some wear on the bass side), I'd say it's worth between $1,800 and 2,200. I wouldn't pay more (unless it sounds really, really good), for that kind of money there are other options available.

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    Default Re: Gibson A5G info please.

    Hi. In my first post I listed what I had as 2000 for a set. Seller wanted a trade for what I had. 2000$. Either way I passed. I have seen some used f9 that are a little more than what I am selling for , so will hold out to sell or trade for that.

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