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Thread: Composition by Mandolin Shrinivas

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    I wanted to share these 2 compositions of my guruji Mandolin Shrinivas, rendered by me.
    The first one is a piece set in 3/4 time signature and the second one is set to 4/4.
    The first piece was composed when he was 10-11 years old, he performed this at the Berlin Jazz Festival. the second was in 2008 for his world music album Samjanitha.
    I want to jam with mandolinists(whoever are interested of course) from this wonderful forum.
    These pieces are set in Natural Harmonic Minor. Looking forward to everyone's thoughts and versions

    I do a small improvisation from 00:01 to 01:04
    The 3/4 piece starts from 01:05
    The 4/4 piece starts from 03:14

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    Default Re: Composition by Mandolin Shrinivas

    Interesting compositions and some amazing sounds there. Great recording, Aravind.
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