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Thread: Nyberg Cittern at Elderly

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    Default Nyberg Cittern at Elderly

    Did anyone else catch that instrument yesterday? They put it on the Classifieds here too. Yowza! What a beautiful instrument! It gave me a severe case of Aquisition Syndrome, but fortunately for my pocketbook it didnít last the day! If one of you lucky folks out there got it, good on you! But please report back on the sound!

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    i have thought about ordering a nyberg for a long time but never quite cleared enough cash. i plyed some of his earlier instruments twenty years ago and they sounded great, though the finish wasn't a fancy. now they are among the most n=beautiful as well as the best tone

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    Last summer at Carters, I played one of those great instruments that he built 20 years ago. It was a cittern, which I was surprised to find is still listed on their website. I didn’t check its condition carefully, because as a nonbuyer, I was only curious about its tone. If that’s the level he was already building at last century, his current builds must be phenomenal.
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    I picked up the oakwood cittern they had about a month ago and I love playing it. Settled on GCGDG tuning. It’s also a short scale. Came with steel flatwounds. Looking to possibly put bronze octaves in the bass courses for a little more chime, but it sounds great already
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