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    Default set up

    need recommendations for a good set up man in the phoenix area.

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    Easy! Visit The Mandolin Store in Surprise, AZ. Very near you.

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    It's 39 miles to see Dennis Vance at The Mandolin Store.

    A whole lot of people would like to be that close to that store. I'm assuming they do setup work.
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    I got the impression they set up the instruments they sell, but they could sure tell you who to go to.
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    You could do it yourself. It's easy, fun, and you'll learn a lot.

    Email me at and put Mandolin Setup in the subject line. I'll send you my free ebook on how to set up a mandolin. You'll learn how to make your own nut files from a set of automotive feeler gauges, lean how to cut nut slots and adjust the action at the bridge, and then how to intonate your mandolin.

    Join the thousands who have gotten a copy of the ebook and do yourself proud. :-)


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