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Thread: Small grippy Primetone triangles

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    Default Re: Small grippy Primetone triangles

    From Rob above - " That was his rationale of choosing his white Wegen over my primetone." Rob,that was the 'rationale' used by Michel Wegen for choosing the material that he uses in the first place - it made a 'certain type of sound' when dropped on a hard surface that he concluded would make a 'nice sounding' pick - to some extent he was correct. Where he wasn't correct, is that he couldn't account for the materials that others would use that sounded 'better' - or to use my own term 'more pleasingly different',even if you don't drop them onto any hard surface !!. My PT picks make my old Wegens sound soft & dull by comparison - to my ears at least,
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    Default Re: Small grippy Primetone triangles

    Maybe that's the sound that wegen users want? Dunno!
    Oops. Started that off haven't I?
    Hopefully not remotely offending!!
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