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Thread: Stacy Phillips... Long Shot Question

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    Many years ago I purchased Mel Bay’s Complete Country Fiddler, by Stacy Phillips, looking to incorporate some fiddle lines into my rudimentary Fostex 4-track recordings using a synthesizer. So long ago it was that it came with an accompanying cassette, rather than a CD. It was more than I could do at the time & that project was shelved until recently. Digging out the unopened cassette to digitize, I discovered that I had been sent the wrong one, Mel Bay’s Deluxe Fiddling Method, by Craig Duncan, a book I’m now going to have to find. My long shot question is this: Does anyone here have any idea where I can get a copy of the out of print audio to go with the book. I can program the examples into Musescore or EasyBeat, but I’d really like to get the real McCoy, so to speak. With Stacy’s recent passing there is no access through his website. Thanks for any and all suggestions.

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    Looks like it is still available at this site with the CD:

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