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Thread: Pick madness, maybe pick maintenance?

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    Default Re: Pick madness, maybe pick maintenance?

    Quote Originally Posted by LadysSolo View Post
    And mandolin tone varies day to day and even hour to hour based on the humidity of the room you are playing in. And yes, my playing gets better as my fingers warm up...
    All true!
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    Default Re: Pick madness, maybe pick maintenance?

    Bernie - Your post reminds me of one quite a while back on here,when we were theorising that our 'dropped' picks were transmuted into wire coathangers & dust bunnies & could be found under our beds - regardless of where they were dropped !. Not so much 'Black holes' but maybe 'Worm holes' - Cripes !!! - where's Einstein when you need him ?.

    As an aside to this,i was reading about this 'camera' yesterday :- "World's fastest camera' that can capture images at 10 trillion frames a second is unveiled, and it is so quick it can film LIGHT in slow motion" What would Newton & Einstein thought of this ?,
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    Default Re: Pick madness, maybe pick maintenance?

    Blue chips wear down,,I use a jazz LG 35,,I'll admit it's pointed and .88 thin,but in 2 years I've worn the point down and put a bevel on what was originally unbevelled..I'm in need of a new one soon..

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    I have been using a Wegen Dipper for more than 5 years, doing a lot of playing (enough to require fret dressing) with very little wear.

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