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Thread: Mandolins have ruined my ears

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    Quote Originally Posted by Br1ck View Post
    My Pono was around $400. Solid mahogany. I played a lot up to $1000. What a grand gets you is Koa.
    Yep. Truly enjoy the Pono, but its tone is nothing like the all Koa Kanile'a sitting next to it, and the price difference is as described. It was outside my budget, but after playing it I literally would not hand it back to the saleperson, and offered up the credit card on the spot. No regrets at all.

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    After a half hour of practice my ukulele fingers are back. Such a sweet lilting instrument.

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    I noticed ukes getting popular with the teen and 20-somethings after Zooey Deschanel had some YouTube love for her singing and playing about 7 or 8 years ago. I've also noticed them showing up at Folk and BG jams lately. George Harrison was known for his lead guitar and sitar playing, but he also was a big uke player in his later years.

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    I have not touched my guitars since I got my mandolin and decided to sell my Goodall.... but I still love the hell out of my ukes, especially plugged in. Its such a cool little instrument.

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