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    I'm finding my A-1 to be a very engaging instrument. It is louder than I would expect. Gryphon did say it was loud and lively on their website. I have had zero issues adapting to either the nut width, frets, or flat board. Heck, solo even bluegrass licks don't sound bad.

    All in all an instrument as relevant to today as ever. I keep going back and forth and like it all. I was expecting to get another month before carpal surgery, but they called with a cancellation for Wed. Guess I'll just get it over with, so I'll have to look at the A-1 and the Arches kit for the next month. Torture.

    Look at the bright side, I have 250 songs to import to OnSong, so I'll at least have something to fill up the time.
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    No reason for bluegrass licks not to sound good. Just ask Jimmy Martin, early John Duffy, Red Rector or scores of us amateur players in the 60's and early 70's when no one was making an affordable " bluegrass" mandolin.

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