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Thread: Dusted off my Guild

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    Default Dusted off my Guild

    She's been sitting in the case all summer. I've been in TB mode for awhile, but I love the electric tenors. I know a lot of you guys have some vintage etg's, but I forget what everyone is playing in the electrics. Anybody acquire any vintage etg's lately?

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    Default Re: Dusted off my Guild

    Such a beautiful Tone! The playing just makes it that much better.
    Thanks so much for sharing!
    Eric Hanson
    Click #016/ Born on 2/29/08 - Sold to the next Conservator of this great mandolin!
    The search has ceased! (At least for now)
    Collings A-Style

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    Default Re: Dusted off my Guild

    Nice to have you back posting....and playing...

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    Default Re: Dusted off my Guild


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    Default Re: Dusted off my Guild

    Way cool, I only looked because it had a Guild reference!
    My guess is a New Jersey Guild, early at that. Not long into the name?
    I have a very special spot for Guild so finding s little information from time to time is fun!
    Delightful post!
    Full disclosure, I know not one whit about tenor guitar other than it’s use in the Hoagy Carmichael musical parts in “To Have and Have Not”!
    I might have to educate myself a bit more!
    Timothy F. Lewis
    "If brains was lard, that boy couldn't grease a very big skillet" J.D. Clampett

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    Default Re: Dusted off my Guild

    Thanks Timbofood. I love this Guild Tenor. It's a 1955 as far as I know. Super well made, with a great fat neck that will handle heavier guage strings. I also have a tenor Guild Bluesbird, that matches this tenor, but I only have the body and various parts. I have to get it restored one of these days when I get some extra coin. It is a thin hollow body, with cut outs for two pickups.
    You can see one here in completion in the above link.

    Here's a couple more clips of my 55.

    If you ever come across any Guilds in tenor form, I sure would like to know about them. Thanks for the interest.


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    Default Re: Dusted off my Guild

    Some Guild footage Timbofood. The Master Jazz Guitarist, Eddie McFadden on his Guild, with the Incomparible Jimmy Smith, and Charlie Crosby laying it down on drums! Focused Jazz.

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    Default Re: Dusted off my Guild

    Wow, thanks for that, dcav. I only knew Eddie McFadden from the Groovin' at Small's Paradise set, records I pretty well wore through back in my teens. Great to see him in action, not to mention Jimmy Smith. He had a whole series of nice guitar players in his trios. Can this really be from 1969? I'd have thought earlier.

    And thanks for your own fine playing too!

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    Default Re: Dusted off my Guild

    You were one hip teen Bruce! I've only come upon Eddie McFaddens playing in the last few years, but now, he is no doubt one of my favorites in the genre. He plays his own thing, and I Love it. The underground stuff! I'm trying to capture some of his ideas in my playing......but it's hard man.

    Thanks Bruce,

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