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Thread: worktape -- Amado Mio -- suggestions appreciated

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    Default worktape -- Amado Mio -- suggestions appreciated

    Hi; it has been quite a summer. A month overseas, then a reaction to medication not fun, then a slipped disc. I hope to get back to the monthly jazz TOM soon. But enough whine.

    06 Amado Mio - Mudjatz worktape.mp3

    This is a work tape with guitar, reference vocal, bass, and my mando mixed up to hear the part. Also a metronome. Our band is in three different states, so we email tracks all over. and try to fit them together.

    Suggestions appreciated on my part. Thanks in advance.

    Start slow, fade early

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    Default Re: worktape -- Amado Mio -- suggestions appreciated

    Very nice, Dave -- I like the groove and the mandolin playing. Great instrumental break. Great vocals, too.

    Amado Mio is really fun on mandolin. I posted my own home recording of the tune a few years ago (link). No mandolin harmonies or solo on that one, simply the melody line over a guitar/mandocello groove. The mandocello bass line is based on the Pink Martini arrangement.

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