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Thread: Swimming in Mandolin Recordings

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    Default Swimming in Mandolin Recordings

    Folks, I just wanted to bring attention to the number of excellent mandolinists with recordings out right now:
    • Thomas Cassell - "Voyager"
    • Ethan Setiawan - "Flux"
    • Jacob Jolliff - "Instrumentals, Vol. 1"
    • Mike Marshall + Caterina Lichtenberg - "Third Journey"
    • David Benedict - "Golden Angle" (coming soon)

    If you don't find some inspiration on one of these albums, your ears might be broken. Plenty of great melodies, interesting harmonic choices, virtuosity and tasteful licks.

    In addition, Mile Twelve's new album features David B quite heavily, and Circus No. 9 is built around the strength of Thomas' playing.

    This has been a Public Service Announcement in case you've missed any of these stellar albums. May your ears daily become acquainted with new sounds.

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    Default Re: Swimming in Mandolin Recordings

    thanks for the heads-up. I listen to MANDOZINE RADIO online out of Toronto . I'm certain I've heard some of this stuff but have no idea reallly as its just on in the background . GREAT station BTW ..commercial-free ....all styles of music where a mandolin may be present ...

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    Default Re: Swimming in Mandolin Recordings

    And Andrew Marlin's album!!
    2018 has been a great year for mandolin recordings.

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    Default Re: Swimming in Mandolin Recordings

    Also from 2018 - Andrew Collins Trio ( "Tongue" and "Groove", 2 separate recordings), and Casey Campbell's collection of mandolin duets.
    Mitch Russell

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