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Thread: Blues, Stomps, & Rags #19

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    Default Blues, Stomps, & Rags #19

    Before I get to this week's blues-mandolin player, can anyone recommend any blues-mandolin women? I'm neither avoiding nor taking women for granted, but, with the possible exception of an "unknown mandolinist", I've been unable to find any blues-mandolin women besides Andra Faye (Blues, Stomps, and Rags #6) and one other, not yet skilled enough to post here.

    Thanks to Charles E. for bringing to my attention a contemporary blues-mandolinist, Adam Tanner. Charles says, "Adam is a terrific mandolin and fiddle player in western North Carolina and his recording 'Rare Rags and Stringband Blues' is a standout." Tanner is a multi-instrumentalist, playing fiddle, mandolin, guitar, and various mandolin-related instruments. He grew up in northern California, where he was introduced to old-time and bluegrass music in his teens. Adam Tanner has toured and recorded as a member of The Crooked Jades, The Hunger Mountain Boys, and The Twilite Broadcasters. He is currently on staff at East Tennessee State University’s, Bluegrass, Old-Time and Country Music program, and teaches private lessons and instructs at music camps.

    Most of Tanner's repertoire appears to be old-time and bluegrass. His videos of blues, stomps, and rags seem to be mainly meant for instruction, so don't have the liveliness of performances or good studio recordings. Still, they're good, and helpful for learners. Searching "Adam Tanner, mandolin" on YouTube will lead to valuable videos of this type, many played slowly then at greater speed. The first two short videos following are teaching videos. Here he plays The Carbolic Rag (recorded by the Scottsdale String Band in 1927) on banjo-mandolin. If the links don't work, search YouTube For "Carbolic Rag, Adam Tanner".

    And here's Aunt Hagar's Blues on mandolin. If the links don't work, search YouTube For "Aunt Hagar's Blues, Adam Tanner".

    The following video has Tanner playing blues on the street as part of The Twilite Broadcasters. The sound quality's poor, but you can hear his playing distinctly. If the links don't work, search YouTube for "Twilite Broadcasters-There's gonna come a day".

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    Default Re: Blues, Stomps, & Rags #19

    Hey Ranald, I posed your question to my friend, Marshall Wyatt, owner of Old Hat Records.... .

    Marshall is an expert on early string band jazz and jugband music. Here is what he told me, " the only name that comes to mind is Little Laura Dukes. She was a mainstay on the Memphis blues scene for many years. She recorded on mandolin with the Memphis Jug Band in 1934 but only on a few tracks".

    Hope this helps,

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