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Thread: Looking for tab for "Canada Day Swing"

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    Default Looking for tab for "Canada Day Swing"

    Have done a lot of searching. Can't find much. Anyone got a tab?

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    Default Re: Looking for tab for "Canada Day Swing"

    Have you tried lowering the playback speed of the YouTube video? This makes it much easier to learn by ear.

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    Default Re: Looking for tab for "Canada Day Swing"

    Hi, Claude.

    I'm not sure if this is helpful, but if you'll consider learning by eye and ear, Patti Kusturok, one of the tune's composers, offers a free fiddle lesson online. The fingering, which is identical to mandolin playing, is shown clearly. However, it does require trial and error as there are no frets on the fiddle.

    You could approach the other composer, Gordon Stobbe, by email, as he's a mandolin player (who has written an instructional book) as well as a fiddler, and ask him if he's written out the tablature. Click "Contact" at the bottom of the webpage below. Patti and Gord are good people.

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