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    Default cellphone pic posting

    I understand you can donate and get pic posting access. How much and how? Do I hit the donate button and get options?
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    Default Re: cellphone pic posting

    You don't have to donate to post pictures. Anyone that has an account can post pictures.

    That doesn't mean that you can't donate.
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    Default Re: cellphone pic posting

    direct from a cellphone? Or is that AGF and I'm screwed up.....again.....
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hey there! This is a picture I’ve posted directly from my phone. What worked for me is this:
    I clicked reply, but this only brought up a text box. However, there was a button there at the bottom that said “full site.” I clicked there and it took me to the format that is typically used on PC. There I clicked the image button on the top bar of the text box. From there I clicked from computer and clicked choose file, where I let it access my photos and selected this photo and clicked upload! Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: cellphone pic posting

    I don’t know why that mobile site is still online. I wonder if there is a way to get rid of it. IIRC Scott told me years ago that it was no longer supported.

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    Default Re: cellphone pic posting

    I browse the full site on my phone. The cookie expires in a year, so each year it reverts to the mobile version and I simply choose "full site" again.

    A good reason not to simply get rid of the mobile version is google ranking. Yes, I understand that is very highly ranked by google and probably always will be, but if the googlebot finds that a site does not have "mobile friendly" programming these days, then eventually the ranking is affected negatively, and the webmaster will receive warning emails on a regular basis.

    Probably best to leave the mobile skin in place; alternatively, revert to the idea of supporting a mobile version with better features. Please, I'm not pushing this, I love the site and appreciate all that Scott and his team does here. Just saying, mobile use for web is the thing of today, thus google's approach these days of 'penalizing' sites that are not mobile friendly. I do everything on a laptop unless I'm traveling, so have no problem with non-mobile pages, but sadly that is not true for a majority of people these days.
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    Default Re: cellphone pic posting

    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Garber View Post
    I don’t know why that mobile site is still online. I wonder if there is a way to get rid of it. IIRC Scott told me years ago that it was no longer supported.
    That is incorrect, and this is the second time you've made this accusation.

    What I was talking about and it was years ago, was an external piece of software used to communicate with the forum and present it in an app format that development had been stopped on and was no longer supported. I removed the access of it. The existing mobile skin works with many forum functions, is in place and is not going anywhere. You can switch back and forth as desired at the bottom of any forum page.

    I'm closing this as it seems to be encouraging a bit of bad information. If you have questions about forum use and you want the way it really is, contact the Mandolin Cafe account via PM.

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