Iím looking for an instructor within an hour of Roanoke VA. In a pinch I could work with someone in Northern VA but that would be only once in a while as I visit my daughters up there.

Iíve been playing guitar for 50+ years and mandolin for 10+. Know all the chords Iíll ever need on both, have a decent grasp of theory. Can sight read for voice or mando and could learn to do so for guitar. Can listen to a song or tune and 90% of the time identify the chord progression. Can play a decent enough bridge when fingerpicking guitar, working within the chords.

But I canít play a single note lead (with or without double stops) to save my soul. On guitar or mandolin.

Any suggestions for an instructor? In a perfect world this person would be able to teach both guitar and mandolin, but Iíll settle for either.

Yep Ė Iím aware of skype lessons. Iíd really like to try something in person if possible before I go to that though.

BTW: I play all types of music so any type will do. Main focus when playing out is bluegrass from all eras and country prior to about 1970. And Iím primarily vocals and rhythm guitar, but Iím tired of waving the lead on when it gets to me.