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Thread: Power problem with Behringer mixer

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    Default Power problem with Behringer mixer

    I recently purchased a lightly used Behringer Xenyx QX2442USB mixer. I checked it out at home and everything worked fine. I used it for the first time at a gig last night and it did not work fine. The channels behaved erratically and the whole board eventually went down (lights went out). The system came back up and worked for a bit, but then failed again. At that point, I shut it down and went to plan B (we all turned up our individual amps and went on with the show). When I tested it at home today, everything seems to work again.

    The power supply last night was a generator supplying many lights and our system which contained five instrument amps, a mixer, and two main speakers. Iím thinking that we probably had voltage fluctuations, but thatís just a theory. I see that there is a fuse in the mixer, although I could not figure out how to remove and inspect it. Might that fuse shut the system down in low voltage and then reset later? Any ideas or suggestions?

    Jim Vekasi

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    Default Re: Power problem with Behringer mixer

    Looks like you suffered from a brown out. Looks like the mixer was less forgiving than the instrument amps and other stuff. As it worked again at home, apparently it's not broken. (If it ain't broken, don't fix it ;-)
    If you need to play with that generator again, you might need an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) which can sort out voltage fluctuations, incorrect frequency, disturbers etc. Or a more resilient mixer.

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    Default Re: Power problem with Behringer mixer

    Thanks Bauzi, do you know if the Behringer brand is notorious for this? and which brand on the lower price end might be better?

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    Default Re: Power problem with Behringer mixer

    It sounds (just a suggestion) that you might have a loose connection somewhere in the power circuit.

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    Default Re: Power problem with Behringer mixer

    My suggestion would be a pain in the backside but if you play a whole lot of generator powered shows get a small APC UPS. Charged up it will resolve the brown out issues. My Behringer powered mixer has never done that to me but as far as I know it's never been hooked to a generator.
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    Default Re: Power problem with Behringer mixer

    Brown-outs or voltage sags can do a lot of damage to electronics. A UPS or a good power filter can save you from some expensive repairs, if you are dealing with dodgy power.
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    Default Re: Power problem with Behringer mixer

    Generator supplies are notorious for this... not only can they cause the issue you experienced, but as others have noted, can do lasting damage (to the point of destruction) of your gear.

    Ideally, you should use a 'Line Interactive' type UPS over the more common (and cheaper) 'Standby' types when using generator power, though anything is better than nothing....
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