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Thread: "Hey What Can I Do" Led Zeppelin Mandolin Tutorial

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    Default "Hey What Can I Do" Led Zeppelin Mandolin Tutorial

    Hey y'all,

    I've started working on lessons for my youtube channel and for Vintage Guitar Magazine. This was requested and a lot of fun to revisit. I'm trying to make these as helpful as possible and would love feedback and requests.

    -Andrew Hendryx
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    Default Re: "Hey What Can I Do" Led Zeppelin Mandolin Tutorial

    Nice! Always loved that song. Never knew there was so much going on in there for the mando. JPJ is an incredibly under-appreciated musician.

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    Default Re: "Hey What Can I Do" Led Zeppelin Mandolin Tutorial

    Hey Andrew, really great stuff! I like your teaching style.

    FYI - some of us on here only see embedded YouTube videos as a black box so you might want to also include a direct link like so:

    Andrew Hendryx - Hey Hey What Can I Do?

    It's funny how when you watch someone who is really good at something do their thing it looks really easy (I think of watching Derek Jeter play shortstop). But it's deceptive. Looks really easy watching you do play this, but it is going to take a concerted effort for me to get anywhere close. Nevertheless, I will be a better player as a result. And for me that is the end game.

    Thanks for posting. I love to see where the mandolin can go in the hands of a skilled player.

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    Default Re: "Hey What Can I Do" Led Zeppelin Mandolin Tutorial

    Thank you very much for posting this Andrew. I've never been able to get a handle on this one, sounds so easy but then there is so much going on in the background mando-wise it became too difficult of a task. I think you're the first guy that's actually helped mando players with this song. Battle of Evermore/Going to California would be great additions (there are several lessons out there but they're all different and who knows how correct they are).

    Since you're asking for suggestions I'll throw a couple out: might be easier to follow you if the mando neck was a little more square to the camera instead of angled, spend a few seconds on chord positions you're using (new ones to me!), maybe break apart three or four filler licks for the viewer that you can sprinkle throughout the song, should be enough to work from and make the song sound cool.

    I've always wished somebody would focus on more rock mando lessons (be it Zeppelin, John Hiatt, REM, Stones, Rod Stewart, Steve Earle, etc.). Even building parts for classic songs that don't necessarily have a mando part, but a "here's a cool mando part if you're playing The Weight by The Band" kind of thing. I'd subscribe to that channel! I do that on my own and the crowd always loves it, but I can run out of creative juices and could use some interesting lick/solo ideas instead of just playing the chords to the songs.

    Overall a million thank you's from a classic rock guitar/mando guy.
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    Default Re: "Hey What Can I Do" Led Zeppelin Mandolin Tutorial

    Love it! And, I loved your lesson on playing "Hey Joe" on mando that I ran across on
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