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Thread: Radius fingerboard?

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    Default Radius fingerboard?

    I've been playing a few different mandolins recently with radiused fingerboards and really do like them. I have a couple of Fylde flat top Touchstone mandolins and was thinking about having Roger Bucknell of Fylde change one of my mandolins from what I consider flat to a radiused board.
    I've spoken to Roger and he has told me of a few things to take into account but also says I could have the board that is on the mandolin at the moment made into a radiused board..
    My main concern is how much of a curve to have put on the board as the neck is quite a wide one and I don't know how to measure the ones I've tried as to the amount of radius I want.
    How would I go about this?
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    Default Re: Radius fingerboard?

    Hmmmm .... will you need to add the same curve to the bridge? I have owned flat fingerboard mandolins exclusively so I know nothing about the radius on a mandolin . Keep us posted. R/
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    Default Re: Radius fingerboard?

    Wouldn't that include the nut as well?
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    Default Re: Radius fingerboard?

    I'd expect Roger to be able to advise you on that aspect. From what i've read on here,10" & 12" radiusses are the most common.
    I know that Weber use a 10" radius on their mandolins. They have a fairly narrow fingerboard,so,for a slightly wider one,i'd go for a 12" radius. Info. here from the Gilchrist Mandolin & Guitar web page :-,
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    Default Re: Radius fingerboard?

    Then you have compound radii boards too. They flatten out toward the bridge.
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    Default Re: Radius fingerboard?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: Radius fingerboard?

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