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Thread: Phoenix mandolins closing shop?

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    Default Re: Phoenix mandolins closing shop?

    There was a video about Rolfe on the Cafe a while back. This should save searching.

    link to Video on Rolfe

    Thanks for all the good mandolins you provided, Rolfe, my son has one, and it's a beauty.


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    Default Re: Phoenix mandolins closing shop?

    Oh no, this is so saddening. I love my Phoenix mandolins. My ORANGE select made this time last year may have been one of the last. Hugs to Jenny, she was an absolute pleasure to work with on the custom build.

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    Default Re: Phoenix mandolins closing shop?

    Very sad news to hear but I hope Jenny is off to bigger and better things. I love my 2009 Phoenix Bluegrass and will never part with it.
    2009 Phoenix Bluegrass
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    Default Re: Phoenix mandolins closing shop?

    Enjoy your well earned retirement Rolfe and best of luck to Jenny. My Phoenix bluegrass master model is an amazing mandolin that I cherish!

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    Default Re: Phoenix mandolins closing shop?

    Wow, just catching up on this. Sad to hear, my Phoenix Neoclassical is an amazing instrument and now I feel even more lucky to have it.

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    Default Re: Phoenix mandolins closing shop?

    I have an Ultra, #250, made in 2000. I love it. It is a joy to play. I also had the pleasure of meeting Rolfe and his lovely wife a few years ago. I wish you well, Rolfe. I hope you are enjoying retirement.

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    Default Re: Phoenix mandolins closing shop?

    Terrible news, and a damned shame. My second mandolin (the first was an Eastman) was a Custom Deluxe made by Rolfe (a Deluxe with Bluegrass style binding and inlays) in 2005, and it will go to my daughter when I check out.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Gene R. Rankin (a CheeseHead)
    Phoenix custom Deluxe

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    Default Re: Phoenix mandolins closing shop?

    I have a 2003 Phoenix Mandolin that I'm going to be selling. It was given to me and I don't know much about it. Looking for estimated value. I'm just starting my research. I know it hasn't been played much at all.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_0727.jpg 
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ID:	176108Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_0730.jpg 
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ID:	176109 Here are some pictures. Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: Phoenix mandolins closing shop?

    If this is a repeat post, my apologies in advance.

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