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    I've noticed posts from various people lately from the SF Bay area. Any interest is getting together at a park somewhere and showing off your instruments? I'm interested in exposing myself to the broadest cross section of instruments. More than local stores might have.

    I can bring the instruments in my signature. I'm very interested in upper end Pac Rim instruments that have been played for a while, and pretty much anything else out there.Never played a Gibson other than an F 9 either. Or a good tater bug for that matter.

    Interested in low key and informal. If it develops into anything else, so be it.
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    Br1ck, I'd be happy to meet with you at my home in Alameda. I don't have any Pac Rim instruments, but do have things you might be interested in seeing/trying. Of even more interest to me would be the possibility of someone new to play with occasionally. PM me.


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