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Thread: A new song "Levon's Barn"

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    Hello Mandolin Cafe community! I'm a new member of the forum but have been enjoying reading posts here for some time. I wrote a new song called "Levon's Barn" that I did a home demo on and was hoping to get feedback from folks here at Mandolin Cafe.

    It's a tribute to Levon Helm and his Rambles. Honest, constructive opinions would be appreciated!


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    Default Re: A new song "Levon's Barn"

    Adam, thank you for sharing with us. I'd have to say that any tribute to Levon is welcome to me. I don't want to offer much criticism, constructive or otherwise, as I am far from expert at anything, but I will write a couple of things. I think I'd enjoy this song even more if it were a little longer (maybe add instrumental breaks?) and if the tempo were picked up a little more than in this demo. Also, I'd suggest getting some friends to play with you. You've done a great job playing all the instruments, but magic can happen when you get a few other trusted musicians involved.

    I don't know your family personally, but I and so many others have benefited from many of the Homespun series over the years. Happy has been a great blessing to us all. I belong to the "Folk music ~ 1960's to the present" group and always enjoy seeing any photo or comment posted by Happy there.

    Color me a follower of your family and of many of the artists in your family circle. Again, thanks for sharing, and for bravely asking for criticism in an open forum!
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