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    After years of doing videos, squirming in the circular role of self-critic in front of the screen, I have given up looking back. The same applies for performances. I am training myself to forget the good things I've done just as fast as the bad things, because I cannot go back anyway, neither for more enjoyment nor for correction. What's done is done.

    And I cannot anticipate or retrospect what I sounded like in other people's ears, because those are ... other people. They are not me, and I am not me either 5 minutes later.

    the world is better off without bad ideas, good ideas are better off without the world

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    I don`t really need any critics, I just look at the line at our CD sales stand after we finish a show...If it is a long line then I know they enjoyed the show if it isn`t then I know we didn`t do as well as I would have liked to...The last show we played all but three people came up to the stage to shake hands and talk, some bought a CD, one of the three was in a wheel chair and couldn`t come up so I went to her and asked how she enjoyed the show and she said it was great...I gave her a CD free of charge...


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