Hey everyone,

Just wanted to share my excitement over having my baby back and good as new!
I have had Skip Kelley's #54 since April '16 and played it quite a bit at home and gigs. The frets were getting to be in pretty rough shape so I finally made the whopping 1:15 hr drive to Skip's.

He put on a whole set of EVO gold and did some bridge work to get the D intonation just exactly right. I've always loved this mando since day 1 but now it's like brand new again!

He also put on some Martin Monel strings, which so far I am happy with. I have been using D'addario NB and they are not all that much different I think, at a cheaper price too. I will save my final opinion on them for more than just a few hours of playing time.

I also got to check out two other mandolins while I was there. A beautiful green finished F style with an Englemann top. Great tone with a little less "attitude" than my Red top.
Also a brand new A-style with a top from 1902! So cool to even just have wood that old, but this thing sounds GREAT, especially for brand new. Probably the most impressed with an A that I have been.

Very great work Skip! Thanks