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Thread: any dorking based luthiers?

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    Default any dorking based luthiers?

    I just inherited a beautiful old boat backed mandolin and also a fiddle, but they are a wee bit broken.. im wondering if there are any dorking or surrey area based luthiers willing to have a look at them to restore them or advise on restoration...

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    Default Re: any dorking based luthiers?

    If you can't find a local luthier,then don't be afraid to travel to get them repaired.

    Have a look here, or do an I/net search :-,
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    Default Re: any dorking based luthiers?

    Not in your area, but I specialize in bowlbacks, and postage is probably cheaper than a long car drive anyway...

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    Default Re: any dorking based luthiers?

    I am in NW London, if that's any use. Not that close I know, but...

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