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    NotMelloCello, I deleted our exchange of messages back and forth, but if I remember correctly it was around $150 (maybe $200) less without the finish. I'm fine with the finish to be honest, and although it's probably a type polyurethane or something similar, it doesn't look to be applied terribly thick. If I'd had the time avaliable when I got it, I may have opted to do a higher quality finish nitrocellulose or french polish myself, but it wasn't a deal breaker.

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    Okay, thanks. Filed for future reference.
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    Sharing the sound of my recently acquired Pango Alfanti octave mandolin with the TI mittel strings. Happy with the sound, playability and craftsmanship. I think $1500 is the reasonable limit for these instruments, since the build quality is decent and they use all solid woods. Pro tip, this 20” scale mando fits perfectly in the Golden Gate hard shell case c1511.

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