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    which one is the better seller here & which model is hot right now. is it an A or F style, oval hole ?. what's hot & what's not with these two Pac rim mandolin company's. hope every one out there is having a nice Sunday, take care Tony.

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    Tony, I can`t speak for an Eastman because I haven`t played on since they first hit the market and then I wasn`t impressed with them but from what others say they have improved quite a bit...BUT I have owned two Kentucky mandolins that were as good as any mandolin that I have played, one was a KM-900 A model and the other is a KM-956 also an A model which I am seriously thinking about posting here on the Café for sale...

    As far as sound goes an F model doesn`t give any better sound than an A model, at least I don`t think they do...


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    The Kentucky 272 has been "hot" on the forum for a month or two. So much so that I was influenced to buy one (thanks MikeZito, still love it!) As for eastman, they haven't released any new models outside of their octave, those got great reviews. I think they are seen as the tried and true pacrim instrument of the forums, especially for beginners with a decent budget. Though, arguably, Kentucky has superior higher end models (the 950s and 1050s do very well on the forums it seems). Tomato/tomahto. They are both decent brands.

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    good morning Em Tee. so has the Eastman 305 series. was just wondering which one was top dog now a days & for what reason.

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    Here is just about anything you would want to know about the Kentucky KM-272 - including an audio/video sample in Post #14:

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    thank you Mr. Met, I think it will be a real long time before we every see another pennant flying over Flushing Queens again my friend.

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