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Thread: Loar lm500 vs. Lm520

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    Default Loar lm500 vs. Lm520

    What are differences between these two models?

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    Default Re: Loar lm500 vs. Lm520

    I know Robert Fear would have a very good idea of the differences between these two as an expert who deals in Loar mandolins. My understanding is that the differences would be ornamental and hardware preferences. Both are carved and solid woods. I would think they would be of a similar quality. The LM600 I owned was a very nice sounding instrument. The neck was particularly comfortable to my large hands. It was chunky, rounded with very little "V". There will be others with more specificity.
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    Correct, The main difference here is cosmetics. The LM-500 does have slightly higher grades of wood and may have a little more time spent on graduation. They are basically the same mandolin though.
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