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Thread: Kentucky KM-380 mine

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    Default Kentucky KM-380 mine

    Good luck moving on. Meantime, from the forum posting guidelines:

    - Refrain from using the forum as a point of purchasing or selling items or for the purpose of discussing or linking to items you are selling. Please limit selling and buying activities to the Classifieds section of this web site or other external locations.
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    Default Re: Kentucky KM-380 mine

    It is tough to have to sell an instrument when the bill collector comes calling.
    Good on you for supporting your wife's education and advancement in her chosen field!

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    Default Re: Kentucky KM-380 mine

    Ah, but the mandolin she'll buy you when she's graduated and bringing in the bucks!

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    Default Re: Kentucky KM-380 mine

    Is the $$ you will get from the mando really going to make that much difference? Keep it and learn. Your big ticket instruments are going to make the most impact, dollar-wise. Just sayin'.
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    I would agree to keep it. You can go to and you tube and get a lot of free instruction.

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    It's not just the cash from the mandolin, but several instruments, cash will be used to pay off a few revolving credit accounts, some additional school supplies, basically cutting our overhead, as her income is mostly disappearing, she'll still work a couple days a week, but not what she use to. I can't be selfish and look at it as it's only one instrument, but it contributes to the whole.

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    Oh, and for the record, wife isn't making me do this, she actually argues and says don't sell my instruments, she even bought me one of the two Martins I have, but I handle all the finances, and want some breathing space, I'm 56, she just turned 50, going back to college to get her degree, so she won't have to work as hard. I can see another Mandolin in my future or maybe even an Octave or Mandocello, who knows, but for now, all will be ok. Thanks for your support.

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