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Thread: Use of BBCode in forum posts and social groups

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    Default Use of BBCode in forum posts and social groups

    I was looking for details on the usage of BBCode here on the cafe and I found this very useful page:
    use of BBCode

    Most of the listed BBcodes are embodied in the various buttons found in the text boxes used for submitting posts or responses, but not all.

    My main question is: Is the linked page up to date? Are there other BBCodes or options allowed here at MC?

    For example, the [mp3]...[/mp3] pair. I found a post indicating that one might need to do something like the following if more than one mp3 player is to be embedded in a page (I am not sure what is a 'page' in this context):



    Thanks for the help.
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    Default Re: Use of BBCode in forum posts and social groups

    The out of date posting you cite is just that, a post made a considerable time back before we switched to HTML5 for MP3 display. It's not realistic to go and revise every post with instructions. The current BB Code is a set of instructions, not a thread, and is up to date as far as we're aware.

    The "very useful page" you cite is linked from every single thread on the entire forum on the right side under "Posting Permissions," and if you scroll to be the bottom of this page you'll see the link to it. That's always (intended) to be the most current. Example, MP3 embedding.

    The page linked at the bottom should be the only page that should be used as reference.

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