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Thread: RIP Allen Jones (Glenn Mandolins)

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    Default RIP Allen Jones (Glenn Mandolins)

    I am not on Facebook, but my friend informed me that it was circulating on there that Allen Jones, mandolin luthier had passed.

    I had a Glenn mandolin for a while, it was a pretty decent and affordable F-style I ended up trading away a few years later. Fond memories playing that mando in a couple bands I had in college.

    Thought I would share this information, and send out some thoughts and prayers for friends and family of Allen.
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    Default Re: RIP Allen Jones (Glenn Mandolins)

    Sorry to hear this. I too had a Glenn for a while, it was nice.
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    Default Re: RIP Allen Jones (Glenn Mandolins)

    Wow, sorry to hear this. He kind of burst on the scene and then went to work for Gibson until about the time of the flood. RIP.
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    Default Re: RIP Allen Jones (Glenn Mandolins)

    The Glenn model of mandolin were ones co-made by Allen and his son Glenn. I've picked some with Glenn and had a line on one of the GLENN models in a vintage shop in K.C. Mo, but by the time I got there, the consignment owner had changed his mind about selling it. Glenn and family are in my prayers. Allen was working for Gibson's custom shop creating those new-line jazz boxes which are "pressed" instead of carved (the L-9, etc) and last I heard he had survived the personnel cuts at the organization, only to have his life ending so abruptly. And if you weren't aware of it, Allen Jones was the "A" in the original Rhonda Vincent backup band, Rhonda Vincent and the rAge.......(band name made up of first letter of pickers). He will be missed.

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    Default Re: RIP Allen Jones (Glenn Mandolins)

    I own a Glenn mandolin. I call it the 7/8s F5 special because it’s got the exact dimensions of a f5 scaled to 7/8s. It’s a great mandolin and I’m very sorry to hear that he passed.
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