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    My husband received this banjo from his grandmother, believes it's from the 1920s. Great condition! A Ludwig by kenmore. But my question is there is engravement found on some trim piece on the drum. It reads "Godfrey O'King", anyone know if he's a musician or maybe just some random person who originally owned it? Would this decrease the instruments value?
    I appreciate your time in advanced!

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    If you can find Mr. O'Kings decedents it increases the value. If not it probably has little effect. Pictures always help.
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    My last name is Godfrey, but it looks like this was Godfrey as a first name. I don't find any mentions of "Godfrey O'King" on Google aside from this thread, not even genealogy websites etc that pop up for some names. What country are you located in?

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    Ebay's completed sales shows two have sold within the last month. One went for $450 and the other one went for under $400 (best offer).

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