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Thread: recovery mandolin

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    Default recovery mandolin

    Little mando ditty. Whipped up in studio, loose, demo. 1 week since back surgery.

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    hmm, how do you embed mp3 so you don't have to download to play?
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    Default Re: recovery mandolin

    I like it. I hope you rehab like crazy - it'll pay big dividends.
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    Default Re: recovery mandolin

    Quote Originally Posted by mmuller View Post
    ... how do you embed mp3 so you don't have to download to play?
    This is what seems to work for me:

    1. Post the mp3 somewhere like you already did.
    2. Right-click the mp3 link and select "Copy link address".
    3. Go to the editing window for whichever post you want to put an embedded mp3 player into.
    4. Do a paste of the link you just copied (see footnote for how to "paste").
    5. At the *exact* beginning of your pasted text, type the following exactly as shown, with *no* spaces:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	mp3-tag-start.jpg 
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ID:	167493

    6. Now, at the exact end of your pasted text, type the following, again exactly as shown, make sure there are no spaces anywhere:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	mp3-tag-end.jpg 
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ID:	167494

    7. If you're in the "Go Advanced" forum-editing mode, you can then click the "Preview Post" (or "Preview Changes") button and see if everything works right. Click "Submit Reply" (or "Save Changes") when you get it the way you want it.

    So in this particular case, with your mp3 that you'd already posted in this thread, the embedded code should look something like this - I will post a screenshot of this code so the forum software doesn't get confused - click a few times to make it full size:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	mp3-tag-example.jpg 
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    Alright now let's try the above code for real, and see if it works - there should be an embedded mp3 player now:

    Footnote - in case anyone doesn't know, this is how to "paste":

    • If you're using a Windows PC:
      (a) First, select the location. You do this by clicking where you want to paste some text (to fine-tune the location, use keyboard left/right arrow keys to move the cursor to the exact spot where you want to paste).
      (b) Then, to do the actual paste, you press-and-HOLD the "Ctrl" key (lower left corner of keyboard) and then quickly press the "v" key ONCE. Then let up on both keys. That should have pasted your text in. (This assumes, of course, that you're trying to paste text into an editable field or a text document or similar.)

    • If you're using Linux, I think the 'paste' procedure is the same as Windows unless something has changed in the last few years.

    • If you're using an Android phone or tablet, at least on mine I just long-press (press-and-hold for a second or two until some pop-up options appear) and then select "paste".

    • iPhone, sorry, no clue, I have no experience with those.

    • If you're using a modern Mac computer, um I don't know. On the really old Macs I used to have, IIRC you'd do a Command+v to paste (Command was the key with the cloverleaf logo on it). Similar procedure as the Windows Ctrl+v, except using the Command key instead (yeah I know, Apple probably had it first, same as with 'everything' else lol). In any case, I have no clue if modern Mac keyboards still use that.

    Hope I got all that typed in correctly. Corrections welcome.

    Oh, and awesome music, by the way! Very nice.

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    Default Re: recovery mandolin

    OK, a couple weeks post surgery for a very large disc herniation that had me suffering severe sciatic pain for 2 months and I'm up and at em. Such a relief. Will now do this song for real, will replace my Epiphone M50 recorded direct and use my 1925 Gibson A4 and bring in some special guests to play. Will post when done. Need a name for it now. Mandolinectomy?

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    Default Re: recovery mandolin

    How about "Up and at 'Em"?

    Nice tune!


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