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Thread: Youtube, Safari and Flash

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    Question Youtube, Safari and Flash

    On my macbook, I cannot see youtube videos in the Forum. I'm using OSX 10.11.5, and Safari 9.1.1
    I have "always allow" set in preferences for Flash in Safari for the café.

    I can happily use youtube on other sites - though I suspect that's because the us html5 as the container.

    On my desktop iMac, no such issues. I can use Chrome successfully to vie the forum (but I tend to use safari as my default browser).

    Do the Forum staff have any ideas?

    Of course, the best thing would be to be able to use html5 as the default for playing Youtube videos :-)

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    Default Re: Youtube, Safari and Flash

    HTML 5 for videos for this software is likely not coming until we upgrade the entire forum to the most current version. I installed a test copy a year or so ago and promptly canned the idea because of issues with of stability, bugs, lack of features that were removed in a rush to charge us for new software I considered a downgrade that were promised with updates. But it's starting to get there. Short of that so far I've been unable to find an adequate hack of the coding that works, but I did just hose all of the YouTube videos on the entire forum briefly testing a few. Unfortunately there's always a trade-off. Have stable software that works, or be on the cutting edge where things are buggy and you're spending an hour a week installing patches while the forum is off-line to visitors. I'll continue to look at the video issue but can't promise a fix and am not totally confident I can find something, but you never know.

    Not for lack of trying, MP3 streaming player does use HTML5.

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