I love all the tracks from the Del & Woody LP that came out last year. This is one of them.

Woody Guthrie's first son, William Rogers Guthrie ("Bill"), was born Oct. 7, 1939. A few days later, on the night that mother and son came home from the hospital, Woody wrote this song.

*Written on the 1st day you was at home, in Glendale, Calif., at 115 East Chestnut ... it being Oct. 9, 1939. Ain't even named you yet. And you're too young to read this now ----- and I wonder if you'll ever stumble onto it? Well - even if you'd never have found this song - you wouldn't have missed much. But boy if I hadn't run onto you - I'd of missed - a lot!
WG -- 10-9-'39

Words: Woody Guthrie, Music: Del McCoury
Tasty mandolin solo by Ronnie at about 0:53

You're a cute little fellow, I see
And they say that you look like me
And they say that you look like mother too
Little fellow, you've come to stay.

How far have you come, little fellow?
Has your trip been long on the way?
For I see that you sleep all snuggled n warm
By your mother, your mother, little fellow.

You're a regular fellow, I see,
And you smile in your sleep as you dream
This life is a laff! And you've started out right,
With a smile, little fellow, for me

If again I could be, little fellow,
As young and as handsome as you
I would live life all over exactly the same
So I'd meet, little fellow, with you.