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Thread: Looking for online mandolin lessons

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    Default Looking for online mandolin lessons

    Hi, I'm new to the mandolin. I have an Eastman MD505. I play guitar, but I'm not a child star. I'd like to learn the mandolin and wondered if there are any good lessons online that could give me a start. I don't want to have to unlearn a wrong way to do this. I would appreciate any suggestions. I'm also wondering about getting an Octave Mandolin. Thanks, Patty

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    Default Re: Looking for online mandolin lessons

    Free, but you can donate.
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    Default Re: Looking for online mandolin lessons

    Well .... a live via SKYPE or equal online teacher usually costs in the neighborhood of a dollar a minute. If that is your choice I recommend Sharon Gilchrist.
    Yes getting started correctly is important but with a good mandolin book you can manage. Here are two.http://

    Or http://

    Alternately you can go to a music camp and get started that way. Pricey but FUN.
    Lastly you may find a local teacher. Please make sure that they are a competent mandolinist. Many multi instrument teachers know only enough to get you started the wrong way... Luck R/
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    Default Re: Looking for online mandolin lessons

    Agree that Baron at covers things very well.

    I've also had subscriptions to several instructors at Peghead Nation(.com), and can recommend that platform. Artistworks has a somewhat different approach, more personalized, also very good. In person or Skype lessons can also be great and as noted, would be toward the upper end of cost/lesson.

    Rather than fretting (ha!) too much over which one is right, pick one and dig in. Then be open minded about trying something different. Besides straight information, you should also derive inspiration and motivation from good lessons. In my experience committing to in person (or Skype) lessons, or playing with others provides the strongest motivation to grow as a player.

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    Default Re: Looking for online mandolin lessons

    The distinction between on line lessons and Skype lessons is kind of fuzzy. You can take lessons from just about any mandolin teacher in the country live on line through Skype.

    I am doing this now and it is really working well.

    I would prefer in person lessons of course, but this is a great alternative.
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    Default Re: Looking for online mandolin lessons

    I do Skype lessons and it works well. There are a lot of options after that...Matt Flinner has live lessons where you can interact or watch the recording later, Mandolessons, Banjo Ben, Pickin’ Lessons, Peghead Nation and many other offer content some are free. Have fun!
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    Default Re: Looking for online mandolin lessons

    See if your public library offers free access to video training (mine does!). If so, Mike Marshall’s Artistworks 4-course series is available. It’s great!

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    Default Re: Looking for online mandolin lessons

    Banjo Ben has a lot of great mandolin lessons and tunes.

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