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Thread: Blues, Stomps, & Rags #4

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    Default Blues, Stomps, & Rags #4

    Consistency isn't my greatest virtue, and proofreading isn't my greatest skill. I noticed that I changed the order of my words in the previous "Blues, Stomps & Rags" heading. I'll try not to do that again.

    Here, a lively but unnamed mandolinist accompanies Juanita "Arizona" Dranes (circa 1889-1963) from Sherman, Texas. Arizona Dranes was an exciting gospel singer and pianist, who incorporated ragtime and boogie into her playing. She apparently influenced Jerry Lee Lewis and Sister Rosetta Thorpe. We don't know who the background singers are. I hope you enjoy this piece.

    If the links don't connect to the video, on YouTube, look up: Arizona Dranes, "I Shall Wear A Crown."

    Robert Johnson's mother, describing blues musicians:
    "I never did have no trouble with him until he got big enough to be round with bigger boys and off from home. Then he used to follow all these harp blowers, mandoleen (sic) and guitar players."
    Lomax, Alan, The Land where The Blues Began, NY: Pantheon, 1993, p.14.

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    Default Re: Blues, Stomps, & Rags #4

    Enjoyed the post, thank you!

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