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Thread: Opportunity for Apprentice Luthier

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    Default Opportunity for Apprentice Luthier

    I have a 1918 Gibson Model A mandolin with a newly caved in top. The top had been sinking for years and finally gave way. Tragic and very sad. It is not my main instrument, though I played it for years back when I was learning.

    I suspect it is a very expensive repair for a seasoned luthier, but might be a worthwhile learning project for someone who is learning and wanting to take on an ambitious project. We can discuss the terms privately.
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    Default Re: Opportunity for Apprentice Luthier

    If this involves funds being exchanged it needs to go in the Classifieds please. Our posting guidelines stipulate:

    - Refrain from using the forum as a point of purchasing or selling items or for the purpose of discussing or linking to items you are selling. Please limit selling and buying activities to the Classifieds section of this web site or other external locations.

    We want this space to be for discussion, not commerce.

    Also, we've removed your email address. No need to expose yourself to more spam than necessary. Members can contact you by PM.

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