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Thread: New Washburn 'Timeless' F-5

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    Default Re: New Washburn 'Timeless' F-5

    Everyone should buy and play a mandolin they like. Tastes differ -- and so do individual instruments, even the same models from the same builder.

    Having said that, there are generally accepted quality standards of design, build techniques, and finishing. There are reasons some mandolins cost $500 and some cost $5,000, and it's not all manufacturers' reputations, labor cost differentials, and "fad and fashion." Several of the posters above have pointed out areas in which the Washburn "Timeless" instruments are built to a lower standard than, even, other Asian-made instruments such as Eastman, Loar, and JBovier.

    That doesn't mean that an individual Washburn can't meet its owner's needs, or even his/her taste preferences. If that's the case, as dsweiga says, "Go for it." But be realistic about what's being purchased. Universalizing one's individual experience, is what many Cafe threads are about: "I owned a SuperStrings 300, and it was [a] wonderful [b] awful, so I [a] will play it every day for the rest of my life [b] used it to start a campfire." Both reactions, based on a single individual personal experience, are equally valid. But pointing out how a particular mandolin's specs do or don't measure up to what are considered the accepted standards of quality construction, tries to base evaluation on something other than a one-of personal reaction to a particular individual instrument.

    In the end, we should buy and play mandolins we like, regardless of who makes 'em or how they're made. I got 25+ years of frequent use out of a $50 Strad-O-Lin, and why not? But when someone asks for opinions, opinions is what they get. Perhaps mixed with a bit of research and objective evaluation (?).
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    Default Re: New Washburn 'Timeless' F-5

    Quote Originally Posted by allenhopkins View Post
    Everyone should buy and play a mandolin they like. Tastes differ --.
    Many years ago there was a TV show where the characters were touring an art exhibit. One male character said to the 'knowledgeable' female character; 'Is this painting good?' The female said; 'Do you like it?'. The man said; 'Yes.', and the female replied; 'Then, it's good.'

    Best short answer I have ever heard.

    I am willing to bet a month's salary that there are some folks who would scoff at the idea that my Kentucky KM-272 is (for me) a top-notch instrument - but, that is their opinion - and nothing more . . .

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    Default Re: New Washburn 'Timeless' F-5

    Ok, as a service to all the Washburn Timeless fans, here is what sounds like the official description of the model (from this site):

    Washburn Timeless Collection Limited Edition F-Style Mandolin featuring 140+ year old carved solid reclaimed European fir soundboard, solid carved figured maple back, figured maple sides and neck. Amber burst gloss finish. Hardshell case included.

    Each instrument in the Timeless Collection is rare and unique in that it is built with reclaimed wood that is 140 or more years old. Reclaimed from European Fir beams, trusses and joists from old buildings such as farms, pubs, and bridges in the UK, only the smallest percentage of wood is suitable to become Timeless Collection tonewood. Dry, stiff, and light, European Fir is tonally rich, deep and loud, exhibiting the crispness of a Spruce and the warmth of Redwood and Cedar.

    The TCMF43SWK-LTD mandolin with F-holes features an Amber Burst finish and a mild-V shaped neck. Each Timeless Collection instrument includes a hardshell case and a cut-steel nail encased in acrylic pulled from the reclaimed beams used to build a Timeless, authenticating its 140+ year old origin.


    Top Wood Solid Reclaimed European Fir (140+ yrs old)
    Back Wood Solid Figured Maple
    Sides Solid Figured Maple
    Bracing Quarter Sawn Sitka Spruce
    Type Americana Instruments
    Style Mandolin
    Neck Wood Figured Maple
    Fretboard Ebony
    Number Of Frets 24 frets
    Inlays Dot
    Nut Bone
    Nut Width 1-1/8
    Scale 13-7/8
    Hardware Gold hardware
    Bridge Ebony
    Tuners Gold open back w/Pearloid buttons
    Color Amber Burst
    Finish Gloss Finish
    Also, for those interested, here is a photo of the original nail that was included with the mandolin.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	WashburnNail3.png 
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ID:	183778

    For both of you dsweigas: did you get the nail with yours?

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